Fire and Wine – Restaurant Review

There’s a new trend with high-end restaurants opening in unassuming locations without much signage. They want to you seek them out and feel like you discovered something special. Unfortunately, the secret is out, and people have discovered this restaurant, and it’s good, I mean REALLY GOOD. The kind of good you would expect to find in New York city, not in the small town of Vero Beach. Chef Chuck’s dishes are some of the most creative I’ve seen anywhere. His use of flavors and textures is truly unique.

Located in the Winn-Dixie strip mall off Oslo Road and 27th Ave, you would never guess that a fine dining establishment is in the old Oslo Diner location.  From the outside, it looks the same other than they removed the Oslo off the signage, leaving just the word diner on the marquee above the entrance.  As you get closer to the front door, you know you found something unique.  Upon entry into the restaurant, you step into the small foyer and are warmly greeted by Roger and his staff.   On your right is a bar with the six best seats in the house.  They have an open kitchen so you can sit and watch as the evening’s meals are expertly prepared by Chef Arnold and his culinary team.  The dining room is long and narrow, tables line the walls with a walkway in between, and a large booth near the back of the restaurant if you prefer a more intimate dining experience.  The wine list is extensive, so don’t be afraid to ask Roger for a recommendation if you’re unsure what to choose.

Front Entrance
Dining Room
Pepper Seared Ahi Tuna – Pepper Seared Tuna Sashimi on a Crispy Wonton and Wasabi Slaw with Soy Honey Glaze, Coleman Mustard Sauce, and House Pickled Ginger. The tuna was very fresh, thinly sliced, and perfectly seared.  The slaw and wontons underneath provided a nice crunch and some heat from the wasabi dressing.  The sweetness of the soy honey glaze balanced out the heat from the pepper and wasabi quite nicely.
Pan Seared Golden Seabass – served with a Black Olive Heirloom Tomato Relish, Sweet Potato Black Bean Fritter, Roasted Purple Cauliflower, Honey Roasted Baby Carrots, and a Blood Orange Jus
Pan Seared Faroe Island Salmon – Red Bliss Potato Tostones, Avocado Chimichurri, Red Pepper Relish, Grilled Asparagus, and a Cumin Cream Drizzle
Chocolate Dessert Trilogy (Left to Right) – Warm Devil’s Food Cake with a Black Berry Coulis, Coffee Panna Cotta, and a Dark Chocolate Pudding
There’s a new trend with high-end restaurants opening in unassuming

Fire and Wine
Address2950 9th St SW, Vero Beach, FL 32968
Phone: (772) 794-7587

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